Frequently asked questions

How do I auto-refresh Chrome every 5 seconds?

Utilize a web reloader, web auto reloader, or webpage refresher extension in Chrome. Add the URL of the site to refresh, select a 5-second interval, and initiate the auto-refresh process. Enjoy up-to-date content with this automatic website refresher and page reloader tool in Chrome.

How do I get my browser to refresh automatically?

To enable automatic refresh, leverage web reloader, auto web reloader, or site refresher utilities. Browser extensions or online services help set custom intervals for page refresh. Choose your desired refreshment, input URL, define interval, and enjoy real-time content updates effortlessly.

What is auto-refresh used for?

Auto-refresh is a feature that automatically updates web content at specified intervals. It's beneficial for real-time monitoring, remaining up-to-date with news, or tracking live data from websites.

What is an auto refresh/reload extension?

An auto refresh/reload extension is a browser add-on that facilitates automated webpage updating. These extensions help users set custom intervals for page refresh, ensuring they always have access to the latest content.

How do I refresh a website every 30 seconds?

To refresh a website every 30 seconds, use a web reloader application or browser extension. Input the URL, set the recharge interval to 30 seconds, and initiate the auto-refresh procedure for continuous content updates.

How to automatically reload a webpage on Safari/iPhone?

To auto-reload a webpage on Safari/iPhone, visit Input your desired URL, select a reload interval, and enable the site to administer automatic refreshing for a seamless browsing experience.

How do I get my browser to refresh automatically?

To enable automatic refresh, install a web reloader or browser extension. Add the URL of the page, specify the desired time interval, and initiate auto-refreshing for up-to-date content in your browser.

How to refresh a page using JavaScript?

Use JavaScript's location.reload() function to refresh a page. Insert the following code snippet in your HTML file or JavaScript file: javascript setTimeout(function(){ location.reload(); }, 30000); // 30000 milliseconds = 30 seconds

What is a hard reload/refresh?

A forceful refresh clears cache and retrieves fresh content, ensuring you always access the latest information on a webpage. It's notably beneficial when auto-refreshing pages with dynamic content.

What is Countdown mode?

Countdown mode is a timer that displays the remaining time until the next refresh. When using an auto-refresh application or service, a countdown timer helps you anticipate when the page will be reloaded.

What is a Random Time interval?

A random time interval for auto-refreshing lends unpredictability to the refresh rate. Instead of a fixed interval, a range is set, and the refresh interval is randomly selected within that range, providing variety.

How to get notifications on each reload?

Use for auto-refreshing and enable notifications or alerts. By activating this feature, you'll be alerted every time your page refreshes, ensuring you never miss an essential update.

Getting captcha on a website while auto-refreshing?

If you encounter captchas while auto-refreshing, consider altering your refresh rate. Allowing more time between reloads can help reduce captcha occurrences, providing a smoother auto-refresh experience.